Thursday, May 26, 2011

FAKE BAKE for the celebrations in your life!
New Nail Art Techs

See the newest inventions that make nail art a cinch

New Nail Art Techs

This is a nails article

Gone are the days of spending painstaking, eye blurring hours bent over your nails with itty bitty toothpicks to paint on nail art. The reason? These groundbreaking nail art technologies, wait until you see them.

See them now

Today, is many things. It's Maurene Haggerty-Yotter's birthday-so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!
It's also my Mancub's Kindergarten graduation, the house is full of family and the salutations and celebrations have already begun.

I am going to be slathering up in this new Fake Bake product and will post on the results real soon. In the meantime, enjoy the release of Kungfu Panda 2! Or the tivo of Oprah's Farewell Show! Or any one of the season finales that all seemed to air on Tuesday night! Congratulations again to Hines Ward and Kym Johnson for winning Dancing with the Stars! Okay, to a ceremony to remember!

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