Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day to all!
What Are You Giving Mom This Sunday?

See what one of our staff members is giving her mom for Mother's Day

What Are You Giving Mom This Sunday?

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This year, make sure to avoid giving a last minute Hallmark card to the most important woman in your life. See what Total Beauty host Rebekah is giving to her mother come Sunday.

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Hello Gorgeous!
Happy Mother's Day to you, and you and you!
I gave my Mom a load of makeup, hair goodies, and lottery tickets.
What did you give yours?
I also shared with her some of the Borghese Italian cosmetics that have come to the blog and I just know she is going to look amazing in it!
Now, if you are looking for something to give a
Green Mom-consider some Aubrey Natural Spa bath salts and shave creme. These are Earth friendly body care items for at home spa time for Mom! Aubrey is a trusted and respected brand known for it's organic practices.
You can find them at Sprouts, and specialty markets.
I think you can never go wrong with a fragrance for Mom either! Coty makes some of the worlds' leading fragrances and the best part is they are
easily accessible...meaning, if you just woke up and remembered that it's Mother's Day and y0u haven't gotten anything for her yet-then just zip over to the closest Walmart, Target or Walgreen's and grab a Coty fragrance like the new Love Me! from Kimora Lee Simmons. Or-get a Faith Hill or Halle Berry Reveal scent! Don't forget to grab the gift bag, tissue paper and card while you are there!
Now, this last list is my Top 10 Gifts to Get Mom-ideas that I would like to receive and just may help you too! Enjoy!
10.Movie tickets-and the time to out and see a movie in the theatre!
9. Pedicure/Manicure-and the time to go get it!
8. Concert tickets-you guessed it…and the time to go see Journey, or whoever else is playing!
7. Technology-and your time to show me how to work it!
6. Brunch-and to enjoy the time together breaking bread and making memories.
5. Perfume-you can never go wrong with a gift of fragrance in my book!
4. Jewelery-a wee bauble to remember you by, but as a Mom, you never stop thinking about your kids!
3. Handbags/Shoes-personally I think you can never have enough of either!
2. Gift cards to favorite stores-perhaps a outing adventure together to shop?
1. Handmade creation from you-anything that you took time and talent to put together!
Remember: you are beautiful! Thank you for visiting the blog and check back for promotions and beauty giveaways!