Monday, May 16, 2011

How about some fragrance therapy for your day? 21 drops has what you need
New Nail Art Techs

See the newest inventions that make nail art a cinch

New Nail Art Techs

This is a nails article

Gone are the days of spending painstaking, eye blurring hours bent over your nails with itty bitty toothpicks to paint on nail art. The reason? These groundbreaking nail art technologies, wait until you see them.

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Hello Gorgeous!

I love fragrance and this roll on essential oil of exotic origin and ancient derivation is wonderful!

In the photo you can see my sample of #06-Passion. Which is perfect since I am so passionate about encouraging women, about beauty and about training up a new generation of what pretty can look like. The note for this fragrance are jasmine flower oil, rose flower, cardamom and sandalwood. I'm going to wear it and let it inspire my creativity and passion in my writing and work! To get yours go to

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