Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides-get your mermaid tan with FAKE BAKE for fair skin

Hello Gorgeous Pirates and Mermaids alike!
Have you been out to see the latest installment in the saga of Captain Jack Sparrow?

If you haven't-here's a spoiler-there are mermaids in the story and they aren't the kind that just lay around and sunbathe!

Speaking of sunbathe...this month is National Skin Cancer Awareness month.

Fair skinned people and mermaids alike still want the gorgeous, deep bronze of a sun kissed summer. How do you get the golden glow without the melanoma?

Easy. Try Fake Bake products!

Here is recent skin cancer survivor and friend Marti-who as you can see, has fair skin. She is also practicing sun safety by not using a tanning bed, or sun bathing.
Instead, to get a mermaid/pirate tan-one that goes anywhere without streaks and is great for active people is the Fair formulation from Fake Bake.

Marti used the product and had the genius to label her photos on the 'inside' of the picture instead of me tagging them on the outside. Makes more sense doesn't it? I just learned something!
You can see in the photos her "before" photo and
then she applied it for three days and the final
photo shows the gradual building of golden brown color.
I didn't use this on my legs because from all the running and biking outside in the Arizona sun...I have a wicked set of sun tan lines mixed with sock lines.
No worries-I'm covered in sunscreen when I'm out in the sun!
Now, enjoy Marti's review of Fake Bake Fair in her own words:
I think its a great product. The directions were easy to follow. It had a mild smell and rubbed in easily. The lotion itself was so dark I was a little worried about the end result. Surprisingly, my legs felt moisturized for several hours after applying. I applied before bed and the lotion did not rub off on my sheets. I forgot how much I love being tan. This way I won't stir up the nasty skin cancer again! Thanks for letting me be a guinea pig!
You're welcome Marti! To get your Fake Bake in Fair or any other shade visit :

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