Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Captain Jack Sparrow-how to get your pirate on

Hi Gorgeous! Argghhh! Matey!
Welcome my model Teddy who in a few short photos is going to get his Captain Jack Sparrow look on and be ready for the premeire of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz.
In this first photo, the face is clean and moisturized.

Next I apply 'sunburn' to his cheeks using Milani baked eyeshadow in "I Heart You".
Captain Jack Sparrow photos seem to always show him with a bit of flush to his cheeks and it's either a sunburn or the rum!

Next I use Luminess Airbrush tanning system to brown and bronze over the sunburn of the cheeks and just give the fair skin a very sun kissed tan look.
*Note* This Luminess Airbrush tanning system is so easy to use! Stay tuned for a how to video!

I begin to apply Captain Jack Sparrow's defining facial hair. I mention it in the video-I bought at the last minute from a party shop a "Jack" facial hair kit-but it has the consistency of a rug!
To do it over, I suggest and plan to visit the real costume shop/theatre makeup place and get some spirit gum and a moustache, soul patch, and goatee.

While the glue is setting-sort of-but not very well-I begin to apply the trademark eyeshadow/eyeliner of Captain Jack Sparrow. It at first appears messy and smudgey but it is actually very precise!
1. I rim the eye with Makeup Designory Moss shadow
2. I use Ardell black matte shadow to 'line' over the Moss shadow which is a green gold fleck shadow. In the still photos of Johnny Depp it sometimes

brown? Sometimes purple? I just happened to have this gorgeous green on hand! Use the color you feel best in!
3. I take Sheercover Espresso Shot creme eyeliner and make the defined line around the eye.

Now! Half way there! I have one eye made up
and the other is being done in the how to video.
I add on the hair extensions. I am using my dark brown Dancing with the Stars pieces. There are two layers of Go!Go! on him. I did some braids and added a few pieces. I can't seem to tell in the photos what that bone/defeathered looking feather is that hangs off the top of Capt. Jack's bandana.
Now, the look is complete and Teddy is ready
for a Pirates of the Caribbean 4 movie premiere party!
On a side note-getting your pirate on is for any age, race, size, shape, or gender!
Here is my Mancub-in full Captain Jack Sparrow HMU!
No rum for the kid though!
Enjoy the how to video and I've also posted the funny trailer for the movie. I like that it's not the traditional scene by scene trailer. Enjoy!

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