Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Victoria Beckham snacks on Navitas Naturals for Royal Wedding stamina & pregnancy health!
11 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories

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11 Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories

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Hello Gorgeous!
The Royal Wedding is over but the talk about the fashion is still going on!
Plus I'm hot on the trail of what exact products the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Mountbatten-Windsor or the formely known as Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day.
In this photo is Posh Spice, who is otherwise known as Mrs. David Bechkham or Victoria Beckham. She is wearing a fabulous hat by designer Phillip Treacy and looking very pregnant too! Congrats on the baby to her!

You know how she has been keeping healthy during the pregnancy? By snacking on super foods from Navitas like the one I am holding in the photo- the dried Mulberry. It's so delicious and nutritious!
I love the Navitas Naturals raw cacao for a healthy chocolatey treat-but these Mulberries are great on top of a yogurt or mixed into trail mix with walnuts!
I've even given a few to my hamster and he liked it too!
As the summer sports and travel plans are rampin' up, and you are going to be busy on the go-try some Navitas Naturals to keep your energy going! Find out more at

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