Saturday, May 21, 2011

AZ Tattoo Expo-May 21-22, 2011 Tattoo removal, permanent makeup and more

Hello Gorgeous!

Need someting to do in Mesa Arizona tonight?

The Arizona Tattoo Expo is in it's 11th year!
The doors are open til 11 p.m. too!

Mancub and I went today after work and had a look around.
Lots of merchandise to supply your tattoo shop with plus other fun vendors to shop with from classic Dia De Los Muertos art to fancy hair flowers. Which I bought!

The show is hosted by Sage and Liz from Urban Art Tattoo.

Though tattoo shops from all over the country are represented by their best artists-some big like Club Tattoo and some small.

Now if you love classic black and grey work-world renown and pioneer tattoo artist Tony Oliveras from Sacred Heart in Tucson Arizona is at the convention and taking appointments. I did take a picture but forgot to ask and guessing by the look on his face-he was not to happy about it. So I'm choosing not to post that one!

As always-Mancub and I had a great time and I hope you to will go out and enjoy the expo and support your local artists!
To learn more and get tickets visit:

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