Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day-give Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for a classic gift!

Hello Gorgeous!
Happy day to you too! Now, we are days away from Mother's Day-a chance for you to honor the Mama in your life.
I for one, think fragrance is always a great gift. Though, then again, I am a self describe fragrance junkie!
I love the classic fragrances created with Elizabeth Taylor. The White Diamonds scent in my humble opinion is as classic as Chanel's No. 5. Which just so happens to be another favorite of mine!
Now, if you are getting a fragrance gift for mom-consider a powder. Such as this luxurious White Diamonds body powder complete with large over stuffed fluffy puff to sprinkle and spread on your body-or where ever needs scenting.
Layering a scent is what makes it last longer-so if you know your Mom already has the atomizer-why not get the companion such as powder, bath gel or lotion? Enjoy the "scenting" and shopping for Mom! You can pick White Diamonds up at any major retailer such as Macy's, Target, Walmart or a large drugstore like Walgreens.
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