Saturday, May 21, 2011

LUSH for the world ending, or not-either way LUSH can have you lookin' ready for anything!
Drab-to-Fab Curly Hair Makeover

See how we turned one Total Beauty reader's frizzy curls into sleek sun-kissed waves

Drab-to-Fab Curly Hair Makeover

This is a makeover article

With virgin color and hair that has only been cut by family members, Theresa is due for a style overhaul. Here to make the magic happen is our talented makeover team at the Warren-Tricomi salon in Los Angeles, Calif.

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Hey Gorgeous! See these three products from LUSH?

Love them! This picture was taken before I used the heck out of them and it could be the last photo you ever see of them if Harold Camping has his way and the world ends on May 21st, 2011.

I, think you are reading this and the world is just fine.

So if you have summer travel and want to keep your beauty products at the airport security checkpoint with TSA-get these 3 summer must have products from LUSH!

1. Godiva Shampoo bar-it's not as weird as you would think-even with my long hair. Just rub, lather, rinse, repeat! And no liquid to have to weigh by the ounce to meet TSA guidelines/restrictions for toiletries on airplanes.

2. Charlotte Island body tint-it's 3.3 oz-just at the TSA rules for being able to go on the airplane. It will give you the most gorgeous bronze glow and it dries quickly, doesn't streak and won't rub off on the bed sheets. I think you should apply this before you go on a head start!

3. The foot exfoliator / soak bomb-wow, was that ever good! Since it's a dry pressed foot soaker-it will make the TSA scanner. I used it, and threw away the package so I don't know the exact name? Sorry. What I do know, is that it was darn good!

These are a few items from LUSH that are perfect for summer travel-or just getting ready to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 4! Or maybe, it's a Father's day gift? You decide! To learn more, please visit

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