Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 Miss World is Venezuela Ivian Sarcos-is she wearing Be Bronze?

Today is the Miss World pageant
and it's a beauty pageant .
The real story I believe is about Helen Morgan.
She was the 1974 Miss World, the first ever to
resign her duties after the media
made a spectacle of her being an unwed mother
and there was rumor of an affair with a married man.
In today's world, that's what the president, world leaders
and celebrities do everyday. No one cares or bats an eye.

So I write to say good on you Miss World 1974 Helen Morgan for taking a stand for your family and choosing to raise your son outside of the media spotlight.
I think it would have done wonders for Chastity Bono if her mom had spent more momma time with her.
The first two photos are of Helen Morgan as she was crowned Miss World, and then one of her son. I think their smiles say it all!
The new Miss World has already been crowned and it goes to Venezuela. Good luck Miss World 2011 Ivian Sarcos and your new reign.

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