Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday:Lady MILLION by Paco Rabanne
6 Ways to Ditch PMS for Good

With these 6 smart tips you can say goodbye to monthly cramps, bloating, and headaches

6 Ways to Ditch PMS for Good

This is a stress and women article

Your stomach is cramping, you're irrationally snapping at your boyfriend, and suddenly all you want to shove into your mouth is an entire family-sized bag of Kit-Kat bars. It's that time of the month again and your PMS is in full swing. But you can stop being at the mercy of your hormones with these healthy ways to end PMS symptoms -- for good.

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Black Friday is in full steam....ladies, point your gift buyer in this direction! The new fragrance by Paco Rabanne called Lady MILLION. It comes as a solid pendant that you can wear as a necklace or as a parfum spray with matching body lotion and shower gel. The diamond shaped bottle was designed by Noe Duchaufour-Lawrance and is delicate and multi-faceted, just like you!
You can get yours at Sephora or
PRODUCT: Lady MILLION by Paco Rabanne Solid Perfume

ABOUT: this sensual fragrance has notes of bitter orange, Arabian jasmine and deep patchouli that will bring out your inner seductress. Available in a decorative, multifaceted gold gem, it’s the perfect gift for fragrance on-the-go.

PRICE: $48 ($88 for 2.7 fl oz of Lady MILLION)

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