Friday, November 4, 2011

SAMY Fat Hair 0 Calories products-a video review for you
Sexy Makeup Looks You Can Do in Your Car

See tips on how to do your makeup behind the wheel -- without getting pulled over

Sexy Makeup Looks You Can Do in Your Car

This is a makeup tips article

We may have taken advantage of a red light or two to apply our mascara on our way to work. Don't judge -- you know you've done it too. And while we're not advocating such a dangerous habit, we acknowledge that life gets busy and you may not have enough time in the morning to perfect your winged tip. That's why we've come up with these four hot looks that are so easy, you can pull them off in five minutes flat (preferably with the gearshift in park).

Get looks

Hello Hot Stuff! Gorgeous are you ready for the weekend? I am-it's jam packed with work, family, events and a monster truck show. (Seriously!)
I write today to share with you an amazing drugstore product ( or for you cable have'rs) from the Samy brand. I received a sample of the Samy Fat Hair 0 Calories products.
I tested them-came out lookin' like a rock star. My hair was so big and full I looked like a cross between Bon Jovi in the early days mixed with Dee Snyder.
Here's a short video with a 3 part segment from beginning to end of my Samy Fat Hair day of hair! Enjoy!

You can get Samy products just about anywhere! Walmart, Target, drugsotres like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens-or, log on to and
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