Monday, November 14, 2011

Jason Natural C Effects powered by Ester-C wash & serum
Look 10 Years Younger with These Makeover Tricks

We gave three women an anti-aging makeover. Read on to see their transformations

Look 10 Years Younger with These Makeover Tricks

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If you still think plastic surgery is the only way to look younger, think again. Turns out your hair and makeup can make you look years younger. We asked stylists and makeup artists to give three women -- one in her 30s, another in her 40s, and a third in her 50s -- makeovers that would erase years from their looks. The results? You have to see them to believe. (Then steal the experts' tricks for yourself!)

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Hey Gorgeous!
Oh snap I love a great product that does what it says!
I've tested a sample of the Jason Natural C Effects Pure Natural Super-C Cleanser and the anti-aging serum in the same line.
Wow-the cleanser is light, removes all makeup, rinses clean, removes mascara, leaves skin clean but not dry and tight-in short, it's amazing! Best of all, it's a natural product free of parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates!
Then it gets even better when you figure that it is easily accessible since you can get it at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Walmarts, Targets, online and just about every major health food store.

I also tested the anti-aging C Effects serum and it's so light and refreshing-fast absorbing and soothing on the skin. I've always had a good experience with the Jason Natural line-most recently with their Lavender shampoo and conditioner for fine hair as well as the Jason Tea Tree Oil deoderant. Good stuff!
No need to take my word-get your own and learn more here!
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