Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Curel cures dry, itchy Fall skin-like mine
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Hot New Job Makeover

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Hi Gorgeous!
Are you dry, itchy, flaky and some what ashy skinned like me? I just got a sample of Curel brand lotion in the Daily Moisture formulation. I see on their website that they also have a formulation specifically for itchy skin!

In Arizona, our weather has seriously flip flopped in a matter of weeks: extremely hot, cool, hot, warm, cool, hot and now a mid eighties?

No wonder my skin is dry! I know-to help hydrate skin, drink lots of water by slowly sipping throughout the day, take a vitamin E supplement, use olive oil when cooking and of course topically reduce redness, itching and provide relief by using a body lotion. Like Curel which has active cermaide technology? Really? Learn more on the website!

I'm enjoying the sample. It's light weight, absorbs, has a very light scent that is barely noticeable and seems to work on my son and I. Two cheers for Curel!

To learn more visit and you can test it for yourself at your local Walmart, Target, Walgreen's, CVS and pretty much any major retailer in the body care aisle!

Enjoy your Fall!
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