Friday, November 4, 2011

Thymes Agave Nectar bath foam-weekend relaxation station!

Oh this is good stuff! Remember a while back I tested the body lotion in all it's thick, rich, quick absorbing light scented goodness?
Well the Thymes body lotion has met it's match in the Agave Nectar foaming bath.
The scent is clean, grapefruity, lemonish, and of course-agave.
It makes a nice foam in the bath, whether I used it in my foot soak or scrubby poof in the shower.
Thymes makes a thick lotion and a thick bath foam which to me feels luxurious, sumptuous and like a spa.
Notice the big red award sticker on it from Allure as a 'Best of Beauty'. I agree!
Get yours here: This is going to make someone very happy when they travel for the holidays and find it in the guest bathroom or better yet, in their Christmas stocking!
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