Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cremo Cream-made in the U.S.A. and ready for holiday travel, honoring veterans or shaving a Yetti

What's Your Best Hair Coloring Process?

Turns out you can have great hair color without wrecking your hair's health. Find out how

What's Your Best Hair Coloring Process?

This is a TotalBeauty.com hair color article

You've likely heard that coloring your hair causes serious damage. But that doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to your natural mousy brown color. We talked to celebrity colorist Billy Lowe and asked him to break down the best coloring processes for varying hair types. Now you can have fabulous color without compromising your hair's natural shine and strength.

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Hey Gorgeous!
This product is made in the United States of America! I love it!
Sure-I've tested it on the Sasquatch like right calf that was torn and is on the mend-but what I really want is to test this on a guy with a Yetti for a chin. Any takers?
The founder's of this product created a shave creme for themselves because they couldn't find a shave creme brand that did what it said it would. These guys were tired of rough skin, irritation and nicks!
The founder and inventor Mike Boone (he also created the white board) with founder Kyle Schroeder created an air free, super lubricating and slippery molecule filled shave cream. Thanks guys!
Now-while I am tracking down a Yetti to shave, get your hands on this! Don't wait! The Christmas holiday season and gift giving is here-so order online, or find a zip code retailer near you here!There is a lovely 3 pc gift tin wit the Cremo Cream, Cremo Face Wash and Cremo Moisturizer in it-designed for men and women. So get gift giving! Stay tuned for the Yetti shaving...
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