Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Back to School beauty: an EOS lip sphere is a must for backpacks/lockers!

Beauty Tricks That'll Help You Get a Promotion

Money may be tight, but that doesn’t mean bosses aren't handing out any title and salary bumps. Read these sneaky ways to get noticed now

Beauty Tricks That'll Help You Get a Promotion

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Asking for a promotion is tough -- especially when the economy is looking like it may dip into another recession. But before you give up all hope of a promotion and raise, take heart. Here are the beauty tips that'll make your boss want to say yes to your request.

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Hey Gorgeous!
See that lil' pink lip balm? It's actually a lip sphere!
These EOS ( Evolution of Smooth) lip spheres are fun to wear, use, are hydrating, and paraben free? What more could you ask for?
A discount! Walmarts, Targets and ULTA carry EOS lip spheres and as you know, when you shop at Ulta you can use your rewards card to earn points and use the coupon that gets sent in the mail. If you haven't signed up, do it!

On a side note-stay tuned this week for some "Back to School" beauty videos featuring products from Proactiv, NYC, Milani and Avon.
You know, I really like the fact that Avon is reaching out to bloggers these days. Way to go Avon!
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