Sunday, August 28, 2011

MTV VMA's Jessie J fashion/style for the show
I Tried a One-Day Detox -- Would You?

One beauty editor was assigned to follow a one-day detox plan. Read about her experience and find out if it's right for you

I Tried a One-Day Detox -- Would You?

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Our bodies are exposed to toxins every day thanks to the polluted air we breathe, the hormone-injected foods we eat, and even the chemical-filled products we slather on our bodies. So it's logical that we should periodically cleanse our bodies from the inside out. But the question is: Which detox diet is right for you? We followed one editor as she tried a one-day plan. Read about her experience here.

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Hey Gorgeous! I love the style and musicality of Jessie J. Enjoy this short video of her and get ready to see some fashion on tonight's MTV VMA show! I have how to video's planned for this coming week to show you how to get the makeup looks-just in case you need to wear it out on your Labor Day weekend staycation! Enjoy~

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