Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lesters NYC-Back to School Fashion for Fall

The Worst Beauty Advice Your Mom Gave You

We trust mom with a lot of stuff -- but is she the best beauty guru? See the worst tips from moms now

The Worst Beauty Advice Your Mom Gave You

This is a TotalBeauty.com beauty tips article

Mother may know best when it comes to your playboy neighbor not being hubby material or how you'll feel differently about your love of pizza when you hit your 30s. But we've all had those precious moments in our formative years when mother passed on a beauty "tip" that you later realized was so, so wrong. Here are the biggest doozies.

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Hey Gorgeous! Back to School fashion is fun in the Fall weather of New York City. Now, prayers of peace and safety to those affected (scared out of their wits!!!) when the earthquake happened today. I've been in some earthquakes-and it's a feeling you never get used to. Now, Lesters is opening the internet store version of Lesters and you best get over their real quick to sign up for the $500 shopping spree! http://www.lesters.com/
Now...here's a lil story the New York Post ran on Lesters...go see, go sign up for the shopping spree and have some fun!