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ZAAINA-for back to school beauty at any age
6 Beauty Treatments That Aren't Worth the Risk

We are all suckers for a quick beauty fix, but are the risks worth it when it comes to liposuction, teeth whitening, and more? Find out

6 Beauty Treatments That Aren't Worth the Risk

This is a spa treatments article

Sure, there's a potential for things to go wrong with everything we do. But while the price of beauty may involve a little pain, some solutions to your beauty dilemmas come with a slew of surprising side effects. We asked dermatologists, doctors, and beauty experts to tell us what can go wrong with certain beauty treatments -- and the safer options that'll give you similar results. Here's what they had to say.

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Hello Gorgeous!
Hope you are enjoying the Fall semester that is now in full swing around Arizona for students of all ages!
Now see here the photo ZAAINA natural skincare. I have recently sampled this in the lip balms, Face Exfoliator with Sugar Scrub and body exfoliator.

The first thing I noticed is how fresh the Zaaina products smelled. The of the balms is smooth and the Face Exfoliator with Sugar Scrub is a rich paste that when mixed with a bit of water becomes an emollient spa like facial at home. It smelled so sweet tht actually tasted it-and it was sweet!

I enjoyed the clean, pure feeling of the Zaaina products and asked the line creator Purvi Desai a few questions about the natural skin care line:
Here is CEO & Founder Purvi Desai and what she shared about Zaaina.
1. Makeup University asked: "How do you pronounce the brand name Zaaina?"
Zaaina is pronounced as Zaa-inna.

2. Makeup University asked "Where did you get your recipes for natural skincare?"
Our recipes have been inspired by various different cultures like Asia, Brazil, Middle East, South Africa, Egypt, etc. Our recipes are combination of detail research about key ingredients, understanding and communicating with people from those countries on how they have been keeping their glowing and youthful skin from generations.

3. Makeup University asked: "Where is Zaaina formulated?"
Zaaina products are formulated and manufactured in Chandler AZ.

4. Makeup University asked "What's next for Zaaina as a skincare brand?"
Our mission is to offer the finest luxurious products which are all natural and 100% pure. We are always looking for new product ideas which consumers are looking for but can not find in the commercialized market. Most of our product ideas came from our clients and we continue to bring unique but the finest products for our consumers.

5. Makeup University asked "Is Zaaina involved in any charities?"
We have been involved in many charity events like Susan G. Komen Cause, Chandler Regional Cancer Department, & numerous local churches.

Special thanks to Zaaina and Ms. Purvi Desai for introducing me to a new, made in the U.S.A. natural skin care product that I can feel good about using on my family and giving to others.
Remember, there are only 132 days left til Christmas and you don't want to wait until the last minute to get small batch, hand made, natural skin care products because it could be gone!
To learn more, visit the website and find Zaaina on Facebook to see what other's are saying.
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