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11 Best (and Worst) Lip and Cheek Stains for Summer

You'd be surprised to find out which stains from high-end brands turned out to be doozies -- see them now

11 Best (and Worst) Lip and Cheek Stains for Summer

This is a best and worst makeup products article

Lip and cheek stains are the perfect solution if your makeup tends to melt off in the hot summer months -- but only if they're amazing. Readers say some finds from Benefit, Tarte, and CoverGirl left them glowing and rosy -- while others were big disappointments. Check out our best and worst lists now.

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The Worst: No. 3: Laura Mercier Lip Stain, $20 average reader rating: 6.1

"OUCH! Please use this stuff if you like the sensation of your lips slowly trying to escape to your gum lines."

No. 2: CoverGirl Outlast Lip Stain, $7.29 average reader rating: 6

"I kept hearing great things about the lasting power of this product, but I got it in two different colors and it didn't last very long at all."

No. 1: Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain, $6.99 average reader rating: 4.7

"Although this stain wasn't drying to my lips, the color didn't last long. Within the hour, it was already gone. A big disappointment."

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