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Back to School manicures & pedicures can boost your Fall semester self esteem!
7 Perfect-for-Summer Hair Products

Don't let humidity bring you (and more importantly, your hair) down with these 7 new products

7 Perfect-for-Summer Hair Products

This is a hair care products article

From frizzy hair to oily roots, what's a girl to do to combat the nasty side effects of summer? You can keep your hair looking "effortlessly" beautiful -- humidity and heat be damned -- with this season's newest, most stellar hair care products.

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Hey Gorgeous! Back to School manicures and pedicures can give your self esteem a boost! If you are on a budget and won't be going to the salon, try these tips from nail technician Aija Vilemsonne. School is in session here in Arizona-I hope your first day was great!
Style That Lasts – How to Get the Most Out of Your Nail Art

A perfect manicure has long been one of beauty’s most important staples. However, due to budget and timing, it may be difficult to keep up with this trend. A cost-effective, stylish option that has been gaining popularity throughout the celebrity community is nail art – stones, stickers, and the old classic, the French manicured tip. But how do you make those styles last if you’re on a budget or don’t have the time to maintain a frequent routine? Here, Creative Director of Pretty Woman, Aija Vilemsonne, shares some advice for making your trendy manicure last.

Nail Care

“One of the most important things that you can do to prolong your manicure is to make sure that your nails are in good shape,” says Aija. “Without a healthy base, chipping and breaking occur more frequently.” Below are some valuable tips for taking care of your nails to maximize your manicure.

File and Trim Consistently

To maintain the look you want and also prevent breakage and hangnails, it’s important to file and trim regularly. Your only tools in this endeavor should be sharp manicure scissors and/or clippers and a fresh emery board.


We don’t typically think of our nails as requiring moisture, but like any other skin on our body, nails are sensitive and subject to drying. It is especially necessary to do this when you remove polish from your nail bed.

Paint Your Nails

Applying a thin coat of polish keeps moisture in your nails. If your nails are subject to breakage, use a nail strengthener or hardener to treat nails while sporting your new look.

Careful Application

“When applying new products, such as stones, French manicured tips, or sticker styles, it’s essential that you pay attention to the directions, and go slowly,” Aija cautions. “One small slipup can affect your look profoundly, and most nail art kits do not come with extras. If you provide enough time to create a careful, flawless look, it will last longer and be worth it in the end.” Aija suggests the following when applying these different looks:

3D Stickers

Apply nail polish and allow ample time to dry. Remove sticker from the product sheet and slowly place it on completely dried polish, taking care to position correctly. Push sticker down from the middle funneling outward, ensuring no ridges or creases. Apply a top coat of polish to protect sticker from chipping and maintain a lasting, glossy finish.


Paint nails, and before the polish dries, add the stones in the desired spots. Aija suggests placing the product closer to the middle of the nail so that the chance for chipping or loss is minimized. Allow time to dry, making sure that the stones stay in place. Apply a top coat to seal the look and to increase the longevity of your manicure.

French Manicured Tips

For this style, you can turn to a nail care tip guide, such as Pretty Woman’s version, available at Rite Aids nationwide. This ensures a more polished finish, and is great for those of us who aren’t as skilled in the nail department. Apply the guide over clean and dry nails, and the white accent liner over the nail tip. Paint your nails the desired color, and allow time for complete drying. Carefully remove the tip guide, and apply a top coat to prevent chipping and increase shine.

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