Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back to School brows with Japonesque tweezers
What's the Most Effective Detox Diet?

One fearless writer follows "Clean" by Alejandro Junger, M.D. How'd she do?

What's the Most Effective Detox Diet?

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With so many detox diets out there, we wanted to know which ones actually work -- and which ones are dangerous. Here's one editor's account of her 3-week stint following "Clean." Find out if this detox is right for you.

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Hello Gorgeous!
See these fun pink tweezers by Japonesque? These are great for "Back to School" beauty-one pair for your beauty drawer at home and a mini pair for your backpack/or locker at school. Why?
Because sometimes-you find a stray hair after leaving home, get a sliver or have to play "Operation" style game on a much needed object that has fallen below a fingers grasp.
The Japonesque line is full of amazing, high quality and functional grooming tools-from these tweezers to makeup brushes. You can get them at Ulta's, Targets and Walmarts all over! Get some, and follow the video for a short educational tutorial on how to tweeze stray hairs from your brows. Enjoy!

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