Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Makeup Designory makes a perfect Jada Pinkett Smith look
Get Sexy Legs in 4 Moves

We went to celebrity fitness consultant Ashley Borden to find out the 4 moves you need to get toned, lean, sexy legs now

Get Sexy Legs in 4 Moves

This is a workouts for women article

Want Jennifer Aniston's legs -- but don't have her unlimited funds to spend on private yoga, pilates, spin classes, and personal trainers? These four moves are the only ones you need to get sexier legs -- fast.

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Hey Gorgeous!
See all the goodies in the picture to the right? That's the new Fall palette from Makeup Designory called Dr. Watson-and it is a rich textured and sumptuous color line up.
I used it recently to create a Jada Pinkett Smith look to send some positive encouragement her way as the tabloids have over stepped some boundaries and are gossipping wild stories about her marriage. Uncool! So enjoy this wee video and simple eye makeup style!

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